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Business Incentives

Economic Development

North Huntingdon Township, like most of the regional economy began a shift from traditional heavy manufacturing to technology and services beginning in the mid to late 1980's.  Over the past few decades, North Huntingdon completed this transformation and experienced strong upward growth and job creation. The Township includes a variety of industrial, office and commercial properties for continuted growth and development.  The Township has commenced a development  initiative to help guide development and provide ambassador type services to existing and potential future investors to foster continued growth and development in the Township. 

Economic Growth Connection of Westmoreland:  Nonprofit economic development corporation

Westmoreland Development Council:  Public/private partnership to coordinate economic development efforts




North Huntingdon Township can assist you with a variety of business financing programs.  Working with the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (PADCED), the Southwstern PA Commission (SPC), Westmoreland County, and other regional organizations we can assist in directing you to potential  financing programs.

SPC Business Finance Assistance Program: Helps businesses finance their startup and expansions

SPC Economic Development Administration: Low interest loans to businesses for capital development projects

Appalachian Regional Commission: Fosters job creation through low interest loans to businesses

PA DCED Center for Business Financing: Financing solutions for creating or retaining jobs

PA DCED Funding Programs: Loans, Loan Guarantees, Tax Credits, and Grants