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GIS / Mapping

What is GIS?

GIS stands for Geographic Information System.  It is a combination of software, hardware and GPS technology used for the creation, storage, retrieval, mapping, and analysis of geographic data.  Spatial features are stored in a coordinate system which references a particular place on the earth.  Descriptive attributes in tabular form are linked with spatial features.  This spatial data and associated attributes can be layered together for mapping and analysis.  GIS can be applied to nearly all the day-to-day functions of North Huntingdon Township and greatly influences planning and decision making.

In layman's terms, GIS is like a layer cake.  Several different feature classes or layers, can be placed on top of one another to display multiple datasets at one location.  For example, parcel data may be viewed along with aerial photography, roads, stormwater structures, sanitary lines, fire hydrants, light poles and easements.  All of these layers have information stored in tables that is easily accessible to the end user.

The Planning & Zoning Department has the ability to produce customized mapping for nearly any application.  Most maps can be emailed however printed maps are also available for a small charge.  Anyone with a map request may contact this department.