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Police Programs


The Motor Carrier Safety Assurance Program assists in keeping unsafe trucks off roadways within North Huntingdon Township.  The federal government as a motor carrier inspector certifies one North Huntingdon Township police officer.  Tractor-trailors are stopped for inspection purposes and the truck and driver's records are thoroughly examined.  If a major safety violation exists, the truck and / or its driver can be taken out of service immediately. 

Field Training

The Field Training Program is a structured on-the job training program to assist the newly hired officer or dispatcher in meeting certain performance standards.  The Field Training Officer's observations ensure that the new employee has the knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out required duties once the program is completed.  The Field Training Program is 16 weeks for newly hired police officers and 12 weeks for newly hired dispatchers, regardless of previous experience.  This program provides a positive, solid foundation an employee's instructional training and career building goals.

Animal Control

This unit is under police services since Dispatch notifies private animal control contractors to catch stray domesticated animals.

Accident Reconstruction

There are four members of the North Huntingdon Township Police Department that are certified in accident reconstruction.  These officers provide a professional assessment to major vehicle crashes involving death or serious injury utilizing specialized training techniques and the Total Station.  The use of the Total Station has greatly improved the charting and mapping of accidents to bring about a clear picture and understanding of the accident's history.

Criminal Fire Investigations

This unit, in conjunction with the respective fire chief, investigates fires of a suspicious nature, involving death or serious injury and / or involving substantial damage to a structure in an attempt to determine the cause of the fire, ignition point and whether an accelerant was used to properly rule the fire as a criminal case or accident.


This unit works with students interested in careers in law enforcement to show and explain various types of law enforcement occupations.  For more information, contact Sergeant Rizzo at rrizzo@nhtpd.us.