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This unit is the most prominent unit and is considered the backbone of the Police Department.  The primary responsibilities of the Patrol Unit include preventative patrols, traffic management, enforcement of federal, state and local laws, response to calls for police service to include initial reporting of vehicle accidents and burglaries, and positive community relations.

Detective / Investigative

This unit conducts in-depth investigations of crimes and crime scenes to determine the components of the crime to include who, what, when, where and why.


The Crime Scene Investigations unit is specially trained in the collection and processing of evidence at crime scenes, to include crime scene photography, collection of trace evidence, fingerprints and / or footwear impressions for comparison and identification by the state and / or county crime labs.


The Traffic unit focuses on enforcement of traffic laws in order to minimize vehicle accidents, property damage and injuries.  Every officer in the department is trained to carry out these responsibilites, with specialized officer certified in police motorcycle operations, accident reconstruction and enforcement of tractor-trailer regulations.


The Canine Unit includes three multi-tasking dogs and their handlers.  They are utilized for search and tracking operations, finding missing persons, drug detection, building searches and, occasionally, the control of aggressive or unruly persons or parties.  This unit is frequently called upon to provide support and assistance to other jurisdictions.


The Emergency Response Team is comprised of North Huntingdon Township Police Officers who serve on this team as a collateral duty basis to provide a professional, coordinated response to critical incidents in North Huntingdon Township.  These incidents are diverse and include hostage / crisis negotiations, barricaded subject situations, high-risk search and arrest warrant service, terrorist incidents and security operations.  Team members train regularly in specialized firearms and equipment, less than lethal options, building entry to include explosive breaching, building clearing procedures, active shooter training, and sniper and counter sniper operations.  The team also includes five employees of North Huntingdon Rescue 8 who are trained as Tactical Medics and are able to provide immediate emergency medical services at critical incident scenes.


This Unit is the hub of all communications at North Huntingdon Township Police Department and act as the first level of contact in emergency and non-emergency situations.  This unit is responsible for answering, processing and prioritizing all incoming phone calls and calls for service for North Huntingdon Township Police Department and North Huntingdon Rescue 8.  These six civilian employees obtain and relay through radio communications all information needed for the correct emergency responders to properly prepare for and respond to calls for police or emergency medical services.  In addition to these priority operations, dispatchers complete all administrative functions and duties for North Huntingdon Township Police Department, to include monitoring and ordering supplies, payroll recording and tracking, accident and incident report distrubution, preparation of paperwork and files for police officers, state Uniform Crime Reporting requirements, and monitoring, accessing and updating of the National Crime Information Center and Commonwealth Law Enforcement Assistance Network computer system.