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Recreation Advisory Board

The Recreation Advisory Board meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 P.M. at the Town House on matters regarding recreational facilities and programs within the Township of North Huntingdon.

The Recreation Advisory Board consists of seven members that are Township residents appointed by the governing body.  Each member is to serve a five-year term.  Two of the seven members are nominated by the Norwin School Board.

The Recreation Advisory Board is responsible for recommending recreational programs and events to the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Parks & Recreation.  This includes assisting in the development and staffing of various programs and events

NAME                                                                        TERM EXPIRATION

William Loeffler                                                           12-31-2017
Sanford Bendix (School Board Appointed)                 12-31-2020
Sharon Matters (School Board Appointed)                 12-31-2019
VACANT                                                                     12-31-2019
Melanie Harris                                                             12-31-2020
VACANT                                                                      12-31-2019
Kristin Bavolek                                                             12-31-2020

The Board's duties and responsibilities are of an advisory nature.  If you are interested in serving as an Advisory Board Member, please contact the Director of Park and Recreation at 724-863-3806 to inquire the application process.