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Street Maintenance

The streets and Township property are maintained by the Public Works Department.  Some of the responsibilites include:

  • Roadway repair
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Street sign installation and maintenance
  • Storm drainage
  • Heavy and light construction projects
  • Winter maintenance
  • Street sweeping

Please remember that not all roads within the Township are maintained by the Public Works Department.  There are some roads (State Roads) that are maintained by PennDOT (724-832-5387) and County Roads that are maintained by Westmoreland County Road Department (724-830-3950).

 2017 Milling and Resurfacing Phase I

Rocky Road, Route 30 to Pennsylvania Avenue

Crestwood Drive, Hahntown Wendell Road to Laurel Avenue

Fieldstone Drive, Lavonne Street to Crestwood Drive

Front Street, Main Street to Dead End

Ormsby Drive, Colonial Manor Drive to Station 2+20

Semple Drive, Wayne Drive to Cul-de-sac

Buttermilk Hollow Road, Route 30 to Old Trail

Cedar Glenn Drive, Buttermilk Hollow Road to Mountain View Drive

Woodall Drive, Carlson Drive to Corey Drive

Annette Street, Dead End to Dead End

Devereaux Court, Niagara Drive to Cul-de-sac

Mack Road, Crown road to Leger Road

Pinecrest Drive, Pine Hollow Road to Dead End

Russell Drive, Marven Drive to Cul-de-sac


2017 Milling and Resurfacing Phase II

Park Street, First Street to Dead End

Poplar Street, Cedar Street to Sumac Street

South Street, Robbie Drive to Jeffrey Drive

Toby Street, Elm Avenue to Almond Avenue

Wilshire Drive, Mickanin Road to Guffey Road

Riverview Road, Turner Valley Road to Wright Drive

Bradley Drive, Macarthur Road to Dead End

Meade Drive, Bradley Drive to Dead End

Dean Drive, Cul-de-sac to Cul-de-sac

Marven Drive, St. Clair Drive to Dead End

Mark Avenue, Jeffrey Avenue to Joan Avenue


Fibermat Surfacing

Schade Hill Road, Bickerstaff Road to Frog Road

Sycamore Road, Turner Valley Road to Dead End


Ardara Road Phase II

Ardara Road, Leger Road to Station 20+00