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Street Maintenance

The streets and Township property are maintained by the Public Works Department.  Some of the responsibilites include:

  • Roadway repair
  • Vehicle and equipment maintenance
  • Street sign installation and maintenance
  • Storm drainage
  • Heavy and light construction projects
  • Winter maintenance
  • Street sweeping

Please remember that not all roads within the Township are maintained by the Public Works Department.  There are some roads (State Roads) that are maintained by PennDOT (724-832-5387) and County Roads that are maintained by Westmoreland County Road Department (724-830-3950).

Fibermat Surfacing

Schade Hill Road, Bickerstaff Road to Frog Road

Sycamore Road, Turner Valley Road to Dead End


Ardara Road Phase II

Ardara Road, Leger Road to Station 20+00