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1. Does a carport require a permit?
2. What are the restrictions for corner lots?
3. What size deck can I build without a permit?
4. What guidelines should be followed for driveways?
5. What are the guidelines for fences?
6. Do I need a permit for a garage or accessory structure?
7. Where can I find more information on Grading, Excavations, and Filing?
8. Do home occupations require a permit?
9. Can I have livestock?
10. Can I have multiple dwellings on a property?
11. What is a paper street?
12. How long does it take to have a permit reviewed?
13. When do I pay for my permit?
14. When is a permit required?
15. When is a permit not required?
16. What are the guidelines regarding recreational vehicles?
17. Does a retaining wall require a permit?
18. Does a shed require a permit?
19. Does a setback require a permit?
20. Does a sign require a permit?
21. Does a swimming pool require a permit?
22. How long does it take to have a Zoning Hearing Board appeal to be reviewed?
23. How long does it take to process a subdivision and land development application?