What is a paper street?

A “paper street” is an unopened road, alley or street drawn and depicted on a recorded plan of lots or subdivision which is recorded in the Recorder’s Office of Westmoreland County. However, this street is not constructed or built. Under Pennsylvania law, a street that is unopened and not constructed or built within 21 years of a plan being recorded is considered a paper street and the public and North Huntingdon Township lose any rights to the use of that street.

The only individuals who have any rights remaining in the paper street are those property owners within the plan or subdivision that established the paper street. North Huntingdon Township has no duty or responsibility for maintenance, improvements or repairs to paper streets. These streets are private and are the responsibility of the various individual property owners in the plan or subdivision. Since other property owners have the legal right to utilize a paper street, these may not be blocked or obstructed by vegetation, walls, fences or structures.

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